Compatible Hand Strap Rotating Cover Case Holder For iPad Mini 2019

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Compatible Hand Strap Rotating Cover Case Holder For iPad Air 2019

Hand strap cover case holder protects the back and sides of your iPad. you can use your device with one hand.  All the cases are available in affordable prices. Try this new hand strip cover case, will allow you to hold the device completely. The hand locking system is compatible according to the Brand size. The colour option is available for the best reviewed best iPad hand strap case.

  • Custom designed for the iPad Mini 2019 with ergonomics cut-outs for all buttons and ports.
  • Easy to fit: protects back and sides of the iPad and gives you one hand free to use your device.
  • Fantastic hand grip: allows you to strap your iPad to your hand- no chance of dropping it whilst commuting on the train.
  • Full 360-degree rotation: means you can swivel your iPad around to view it in portrait, landscape or in-between.
  • The ergonomic strap prevents strain on your hands from holding your iPad for long periods of time.
  • 360-degree rotation mechanism will enrich your experience with your iPad. Portable, rugged, and lightweight protection.
  • Hybrid dual-layered design: it is a built-in screen protector; Adjustable leather strap.
  • Ports are protected and fully accessible; multiple viewing angles – kickstand according to your convenience.
  • Soft durable hand-worked leather offering the most comfortable grip.
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