Full Glue Screen Protector for Samsung Note 20 Ultra

    Full Glue Screen Protector for Samsung Note 20 Ultra
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- The Full glue screen protector is designed from high aluminum tempered glass giving high clarity.

- The screen clarity is 30% higher than common tempered glass.

- It makes the screen protector possess excellent waterproof, oil-proof and fingerprint proof ability.

- It fully covers the phone screen and has high transmittance and high touch sensitivity.

- Our tempered glass is the best-tempered glass which is better than the plastic or pet Film material.

- The tempered glass can be easily installed. A self-adhesive silicone finish means putting the protector in place is a hassle-free process and it ensures a smooth and bubble-free installation.

- The screen protector uses tempered glass technology that prevents the glass from shattering when meeting heavy impact. The screen protector will crack into small pieces which are held together on the film without damaging the phone screen.

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